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We offer two ways to secure online payment:

1.Paiement by Mastercard.

      The web pages that appear during the checkout process, including the one where you enter your card number, is encrypted and are hosted on computer servers special reserved banking over the Internet.

      The information you provide about your credit card (card type, card number, expiration date, security code) is protected by this system! Your confidential information are inaccessible by a third party.


2.Paiement Paypal.

      Thanks to its payment system among the most reliable, PayPal performs your transactions without ever disclose your bank details to the beneficiaries, your email address and your password will suffice. In addition, PayPal offers full protection in case of fraudulent use of your account by refunding you if necessary.

      Using PayPal as a payment for a transaction, in France and abroad, if you do not receive your item, PayPal will refund the full amount of the transaction, including shipping. In addition to this protection is free.

      To qualify for this protection the following main conditions:

      PayPal protects physical assets that can be shipped eligible. The non-material goods (digital goods, software downloads, services, etc.) and hand-delivered items are not covered.

     You must declare your dispute within 45 days after your purchase and ensure the timely claim.

     The total purchase must be paid at once.

     As appropriate proof of mailing or proof of delivery will be requested to the seller. If it is unable to provide such proof, the refund will be made.